Happy Birthday, Mom (April 25th):


As promised, I am posting pictures of the finished quilt/fleece blanket for my mom.  I wrapped it tonight while baking my mom her early bday cake – I figured we’d celebrate tomorrow night at family dinner.  I am actually pretty pleased with how it turned out, even though I wish it would have been more quilt than fleece.  But, at least this version is slightly different than the two quilts she has made for herself while I was secretly making this beaut for her.  Anyway, I’m excited to give it to her and see what she thinks… here are a few more pictures.  I tried to get some without kitties, but somehow Jack and Raul managed to make it into every single one.  Kitties like the blanket… could be gold on the comfort front?  Hmmm…

img_3046Imagine this picture without the two kitties, and what you’ll see is a quilted square piece of fabric in the center, with a fleece border.  The back is solid fleece. 

img_3049A semi-close up shot.  I really like how comfy this quilt/fleece blanket is.  I think I’ll make one for myself… eventually.


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