I am super excited for tomorrow afternoon.  After work, my mom and sister made appointments for us to get pedicures!  I am in DESPERATE need of a pedicure… sister would be appalled at the current status of my toes.  I could also use a fab foot/calf massage.  I have decided that I want to go for a color instead of my usual french tips.  Right now, I’m leaning towards pink.  No clue what shade of pink – so what did I do?  Research, baby!  I pulled up OPI’s website and here are a few of the shades I’m pondering:

  1. Dancing in the Isles: A soft peach that shimmers in the sun.
  2. Italian Love Affair: A romantic and pearly pale pink.
  3. Chapel of Love: Frivolous, fabulous carnation pink.
  4. Holy Pink Pagoda!: This bright pink flashes a major fashion signal.
  5. Isn’t it Romantic?: Sweet, cherry-blossom pink.

But then, I checked into reds…

  1. Big Apple Red: Bright, shiny and ready to take on the world!
  2. Charged Up Cherry: Hot pink-red.
  3. Bastille My Heart: Make hearts race in this glimmer of rich burgundy.
  4. Chick Flick Cherry: The perfect red accent.
  5. Dress to Empress: A shimmery bright red that makes a big “em-pression.” 

And there are always neutrals:

  1. Catch the Garter: A touch of warm pink.
  2. Your Royal Shyness: A shy beige-pink with royal presence.
  3. Malaysian Mist: Light pink warmed by the sun.
  4. Passion: Endlessly enticing pale pink.
  5. My Daddy’s the King!: A deep, warm, pampering pink.

Yeah… I know that the salon will not have every single OPI shade to choose from, so we’ll see.  Told you pinks were on my mind…


One thought on “Pedicures!

  1. In my spare time I’d like to name fingernail polishes.

    oh yeah I’m excited for tomorrow too! Holla!

    You forgot to mention our little lunchy poo!

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