My Baby Love!

Today marks the second time I have gone to visit my OB office.  The appointment went well, with no concerns thus far!  The next appointment was made for June 4th – I’ll be 14 weeks along then – with an ultrasound appointment coming up on the 19th.  The appointment is to just verify our due date of December 3rd, 2009.  So exciting!  Needless to say, the rest of today was spent thinking about little love and everything I want to start getting in order to prepare.  My mom asked me the other day to think about something that I would really really like for the nursery that she and my dad could buy, as well as a couple of my aunts.  This has my mind whirling, any suggestions?


One thought on “My Baby Love!

  1. you should get either a really cool dresser or a great comfy chair and ottoman. 🙂 i’m just thinking BIG since it’s a gift and you already have the crib. 🙂

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