TV or…no TV?

The hubs and I have been taking an in-depth look into what we spend our money on each month.  The most shocking bill of all was how much we spend on cable TV and internet each month.  While I can’t imagine giving up my DVR, it is hard for me to believe that we actually spend close to $200 a month on TV and internet.

 Today we talked things over and we decided that we would wait one more month, review our June TV/internet statement, and then go from there.  We decided that if we keep TV, we would prefer to have cable vs. satelite… but our other option is to get rid of cable completely and just keep our internet.  With all of the network channels and posting all the shows we watch, you can see how this would be tempting.  I just don’t know if we could live like that for very long… but it might be worth a try.


On another note, the hub’s bday was a complete success!  Dinner went well at Outback (he had a steak, i had a burger) and our fams got along amazingly as usual.  Oh – and we even had the same waitress that we had before (see: Lets go Outback tonight!).  The hubs opened bday cards and my m-i-l gave him the cutest baby pic of himself during his first Christmas.  Needless to say, I am slightly hoping for a boy now (the hubs was the cutest/prettiest baby boy i have ever seen).  

After dinner, we headed on over to the movie theatre and were able to grab the hub’s favorite viewing spot in the theatre.  While I may not have understood every inside joke, Star Trek was actually a pretty decent action movie.  It had the action and comedy thing going on, which I love.  All in all, the hubs had a great day.  He is 29 now… which is funny.  Not funny as in ha ha, but interesting.  My mom pointed out to us on Mother’s day that the hubs and I are the same age that my parents were when they had me.  Hoping that means we will have a baby just as healthy as I am!


2 thoughts on “TV or…no TV?

  1. We just have a converter box and digital antenna. That way we get local channels for free and watch other shows online. We miss some channels – like HGTV and the Food Network – but it saves a lot of money!

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