11 weeks!

As I mark the start of my 11th week of pregnancy, I can’t help but have maternity clothes on the brain.  While I am still a couple weeks from actually wearing maternity clothes, I have entered my awkward “i’m-not-really-fat-just-pregnant” stage.  So I’m feeling pretty blah and ready to move onto the next step.  Finding clothes for work each day is becoming a chore… if only I could show up in sweats!  I started seriously perusing websites tonight, trying to get an idea of what I would like to have.  I know I don’t want to spend a ton of money on maternity clothes, but I do want a few key pieces mixed in with some “boho” styled tops/outfits.  Thank goodness the whole baggy-ish/flowy style of clothing is still in!  With the nice weather coming soon (hopefully), I would also love to have some wrap or summer dresses that could function as maternity or non-maternity.  But as I looked through several different websites tonight, I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed.  I don’t know if it is just me or if it is the models, but pretty much all of the maternity websites have the cheesiest clothes!  The skinniest of models on each site just looks wrong.  The outfits look toooo….. motherly.  Does that make sense?  I know I’m pregnant and am on my way to being one, but do I really have to transition into the “mom” look sooooo soon?  Hmmm… sister would know what I mean about this.  

Speaking of sister, she blogged about our shopping day last saturday.  Check it out HERE.  We found the sweetest tricycle for lil’ love… so exciting!


3 thoughts on “11 weeks!

  1. oh and maternity clothes do suck. i recommend buying a couple nice pairs of jeans/pants, then just being creative with the tops. i felt like i was able to always find something “normal” that i could pull off and make it work with my huge belly (ask kimmi, i was huge!). it was the pants that always bugged me. it was so hard to get them comfortable and to have them look decent–not screaming “i’m pregnant and about to bust out of these!!” lol. i bought a pair of bootcut at the gap and got a lot of compliments on them as to them not looking like maternity pants. and it’s the gap, so they’re good quality and won’t fall apart on you in a couple months like i found most maternity clothes did. this way, they’ll make it through your future pregnancies too! lol

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