Adivina Quien?

I love the clearance isle at Walmart.  You can find the best things there… like Adivina Quien.  What is Adivina Quien, you ask?  Well, it is the game “Guess Who?” in Spanish.  Pretty dang awesome, and a definite purchase for $3.50.  I used to love that game when I was little… and if you know the hubs at all, he is pretty fond of Spanish names (hence our cat named Raul).  So this makes the Spanish game bomb diggity and way better than regular plain ol’ “Guess Who?”  

Today sister and I decided to give this version a whirl.  Little did we know that it would take about 203493840284092 hours to put the game together first!  Now I have never owned the regular version of the game, but I’m assuming it is a pretty standard requirement to set-up the game… meaning punching out the picture flip trays and picture cards and assembling them together on the game board base.  Pretty time consuming… but we definitely had a blast once we were able to play.  Oh… and let’s just say I taught sister a thing or two.

I had planned to post a picture of the game on the blog, but didn’t have my camera on me while we were playing.  So, I did the google thing and searched for a picture.  I love google search results.  Sometimes you get things spot on, and sometimes… not.  Here are some pictures that popped up as a result for “Guess who in Spanish:”

Hard to tell if she is playing the game or not, but what a fab hat!  Maybe I should spice up the game rules a little and require all opponents to where the craziest hat they own…

The Texas flag?  What does this have to do with the game?

Yep, music would be a definite perk when playing the game… 

And now, for the actual Adivina Quien? gameboard picture:

Happy Sunday, everyone!



One thought on “Adivina Quien?

  1. hahahahhhahahahhahahahhahah the first picture is priceless especially when you pair it with the words “guess who in spanish” hahah ahahhahahhaha

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