A Nod Toward Sister’s Creativity…

I still can’t get enough of that lovely little granny on my last post (see below).  I see her having a ball doing whatever she is doing and it just makes me smile and chuckle a little to myself.  The random google search results spawned another idea in my mind – similar to a post my ultra creative baby sister blogged about back on May 10, 2009 (wow, I thought I read about that post in February.  Guess not, lol).  With a few of the topics I have posted recently, I thought there might be some humorous searches that brought first-time readers to my blog.  

The following are the top searches that people made on google, matched  with the first picture result using the same search keywords:  

1.  Star Trek Birthday Cake.












2.  I love surfer boys onesie.












3.  December baby.













4.  Star Trek 11.









5.  Up in the gym workin on my fitness.











Interesting.  I feel sorry for all the trekkies that were directed here… my blog probably isn’t exactly what they are looking for.  Surfer boy onesies… the first image was similar to the bow-tie onesie I found on Etsy that stole my heart.  Hmmm..  And December baby.  I hope little love is as precious as that picture is!  Although, I don’t think I’ll be decorating my baby like that, lol. And fitness girl.  Sorry for posting your picture on here.  Your pic was the first google result… I wonder how that works?  Anyway, kinda sad that those were the google results that brought people here… might explain why sister and a few close friends are the only people to comment on my page, however.


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