Diaper Bags

This morning, as I eat my breakfast after a fun memorial day weekend, I have been surfing different sites looking at everything baby.  I started out perusing strollers (as I often do) and somehow ended up on Etsy looking at diaper bags.  I found several very cute bags by Bayan Hippo.  I prefer the whole tote look… one that I could just throw my wallet in and be good – I am not sure I want to carry a purse and a diaper bag at the same time.  

Here are my favorites:































There are many, many more.  I can’t decide!


4 thoughts on “Diaper Bags

  1. i think you should do the darker blue for the winter, the red for spring, and the blue striped for the summer!! i love bags, and am SO a tote person. it just works really well for me. 🙂 it’s fun to shop around huh? what strollers have you been looking at?? i have LOTS of opinions on strollers.

  2. I love the red one! It’s so fun that diaper bags can be so fashionable now, just make sure it has lots of pockets for holding baby stuff.

  3. Carla: My husband LOVES the red one too! Well, I shouldn’t say loves, but prefers. 🙂

    Cindy: I love the way your brain works – why not get all three!! oooh, we have been looking at quite a few. I like the Schwinn, Bob, and Phil&Teds. My sister-in-law said a store downtown Oly has Phil&Teds and that they can be converted into a double stroller (for toddler and baby, in the future). So that is something to keep in mind… what are some other good brands? Any suggestions?

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