MORE diaper bags!

As I sit here in bed, waiting to read what the new pregnancy week has in store for me (lucky #13), I decided to peruse that Etsy shop that I had mentioned before: Bayan Hippo.  I found a few more bags that I cannot help but fall in love with… decisions, decisions!


There are just tooooooooooo many options!  I love the styles!!  Oh man, I think I need help… good thing I haven’t purchase one yet.  Maybe I should put this to a vote:

Based on all of the totes/potential diaper bags I have posted (see the other three HERE), which one is your personal favorite and why?  If you are a mom, which one do you think would be most practical?  They all have pouches/organizational pockets on the inside, btw.  Let me know… or I may just buy them all!!


5 thoughts on “MORE diaper bags!

  1. These are great. One nice thing about diaper bags now a days is that they aren’t all one style – there’s a huge variety to choose from.

  2. I love the red one! But you might need two so in that case the red one and the flowered one on this posting.

  3. Thanks for the help! 🙂 I am still trying to decide… good thing baby won’t be here until December!

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