It’s a GIFT.

When you go to the grocery store, do you ever chit-chat with the workers?  Scratch that, because it really could be any store… not just a grocery store.  And really, it is not so much a two-sided conversation as it really is the worker talking at you?  Yeah?  – Welcome to my life.  I never really noticed that this happens to me all the time, until the lovely hubs pointed it out to me.  It is amazing how much information I can learn about one worker while patiently waiting to be finished with my purchase.  Often I will hear of weekend plans, future plans, family situations…. and often I am a transaction to vent to.  I really do not know what it is.  I can say nothing at all when I walk up to pay, and yet the worker will choose that opportune time to fill me in on how hot and sweaty  they are, their fabulous weekend down in the Mojave desert, the fun crafty projects they have planned, or a great movie they have seen.  Other people can be shopping with me, and yet I am the one to be on the receiving end of the conversation.  I don’t know what to say, other than it truly is a gift.   

[Disclaimer:  The hubs wanted me to state that he does not really appreciate the convos I get myself involved in and would prefer to just finish his purchase and skedaddle.]

Oh, and today I had another Cahoon baby/Lil’ Love appointment.  Baby is doing well and unfortunately the appointment was uneventful.  Baby’s heartbeat was nice and strong.  I did set-up my next 4 week appt. and schedule the ultra-important ultrasound… July 9th.  Mark your calendars.  The mystery will be solved on the boy vs. girl sitch.  Hurray!


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