Say it Ain’t Sew!

It’s been awhile… since I’ve pulled out my piles and piles of fabric and worked on one of my many projects I would love to successfully complete.  I think I’ll skip a few of my bigger ideas and work on an easier project.  I found this cute little baby/kid quilt set at JoAnn’s the other day and fell in love.  Usually there are a few fabrics within the pre- organized kits that halt me from buying one and testing the waters with an actual pattern.  This one… I loved.  I loved it all.  The colors are chocolate brown and a baby sage green.  I think there are about 5 different styles and types of fabric involved.  LOVE it.  Perfect for our lil’ love!  Hopefully I’ll be able to work a little bit on it this weekend and post a few pictures on here of my progress.  This could potentially re-ignite my sewing obsession!

Oh, and I’m still in the market for a sewing machine.  Sister has so kindly left her sewing machine at my house, even though she has been home for a good month and a half.  Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Say it Ain’t Sew!

  1. I love that quilt set!!! It is so cute! I almost got that one for you…glad I changed my mind!

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