Experiment #1

I have been trying to tell the hubs that I need a new camera for some time now.  Photography is very fascinating to me and I would like to have SOME skills before our baby lil’ love is born.  The hubs always shakes his head when I tell him this, then explains to me that most people take a picture and then edit the [heck] out of it.  So, I thought I would try a little experiment.  The following photos were taken with my little point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot camera.






Now, these were taken around our yard and dusk was just settling in for the evening.  I don’t think they turned out half bad, but I didn’t really edit them with that great of a program… just your basic options.  With my next experiment, I will use Photoshop.  I don’t think these turned out too bad for a first attempt, but I would like to have sharper, clearer images next time.


3 thoughts on “Experiment #1

  1. I think these look great just with a point and shoot. But I’m with you – especially with a baby one the way – you need a great camera. 🙂

  2. thank you! i’ll tell my husband that. 🙂 i was hoping to take more pictures this weekend… didn’t work out, but maybe soon!

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