What will Lil’ Love be?

Today the hubs and I are heading to my doctors office for our second ultrasound.  This ultrasound they’ll do some measurements, check to make sure different organs are functioning properly, see if there are any birth defects (praying there are not)…. and we get to find out if lil’ love is a boy or a girl!!  So excited about this.  I love hearing the heartbeat, so seeing baby again will be wonderful.  And the hubs keeps on telling me today feels like Christmas morning, so needless to say he is pretty pumped too!  We don’t have a preference on the sex… but I am a planner.  So I need to know.  I have looked at a few unisex items for lil’ love…. but nothing compares to the cute little outfits that they have specifically for boy or girl.  The hubs swears we are having a girl… while everyone else says we are having a boy.  So, to make things interesting, the hubs and I made a bet.  If it is a boy, I get my sewing machine NOW.  If it is a girl, the hubs doesn’t want anything in particular – just all of the glory of being right!  Any final guesses – say them now.  I will be sharing later today what we find out!


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