I’m on a mission…

Because my baby love would not cooperate yesterday and show us his or her stuff, we may just have to wait until birth to find out the sex of our lil’ love.  I’m not gonna lie – yesterday I was slightly disappointed at this fact (just ask the hubs).  But then I started to think about things… if that is the ONLY thing that I have to worry about during my pregnancy, then I’m definitely okay with that.  Baby is healthy, I’ve been rocking this pregnancy – what else could I ask for?  Noanie, the hubs’s grandma, has been trying to convince us from day one that we should wait for the special surprise of the sex at delivery… and maybe that will be a very exciting, special moment that we will get to experience.  I do have one more trick up my sleeve… a third-party ultrasound.  My clinic does not provide another ultrasound just to determine the sex, but did inform me of another clinic in the same area that offers 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasounds at a cost.  I have a supplemental insurance that MAY cover this… and if it does, we may try one more time.  Otherwise, we will still be where we are at right now.  I don’t want to spend money on another ultrasound to have the same result (aka our baby modestly hiding from the world).

So, I had some time to bounce ideas for baby’s nursery off of my mom, sister, and my mother-in-law last night… and the thrill of trying to come up with a great unisex nursery is kind of exciting.  I have the day off from work today, so the hubs and I are going to head to Home Depot and such to check into paint colors.  I have begun research online for some chic, cute, modern, cool nurseries for unisex babies – I really want to steer clear from the standard baby yellow/green and safari theme.  I have found some inspiration from the following blog:  danny.jess.max.but mostly max. First of all, I have to say I love her photography.  With that said, I particularly love the way she decorated her little boy’s nursery.  I love the paint color and I think that some of the decorations could easily be unisex… check it out HERE.  I especially love the paint color on the walls and the BEAUTIFUL quilt on the crib.  I would actually love to make a quilt similar to that one, regardless of our final choices on our nursery style (so Cindy and Kimmi – please study that quilt… I’d love your help and ideas on creating one of my very own.  Please help?).

Anyway, if you happen to stumble on any great sites or blogs that could provide me with some pretty great inspiration for our nursery and would love to share – please do!


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