20 weeks… and fashionable?

Today I am 20 weeks.  I feel fabulous.  Maybe a little more fabulous than usual… and here’s why.

Today I woke up, wasn’t sure which pair of pants to wear (down to two non-pregnancy linen pants that can sort of stretch… I should really break down and buy some preggo pants).  I finally decided to skip the pants and wear a dress… and unfortunately it turned out to be the dress I wore for my 19th week photo.  Because I work in an office building with some pretty decent air conditioning, I opted for a red cardigan and my little black belt to finish off the look.  I really didn’t give my outfit too much thought today… but BOY!  It was quite the hit at the office.  Everyone I saw complimented me, and I even had two co-workers ask me to break down where I bought each piece of clothing from.  So, I thought to myself: “hmmm, I smell a blog.”  And here it is.  I had the hubs take some pictures of me when I got home today and I have a few to share so you can see what you think.



The first picture gives you a good view of the outfit… the second picture was an oops/action photo by the hubs, but shows you the sandals that I constantly get compliments on.  Here’s a shopping guide:

  1. Poppy Dress by Lush (purchased at Nordstroms Rack)
  2. Black Tank Top by Ecologie (purchased at Nordstroms Rack)
  3. Red Cardigan by INC, with Black belt by INC (purchased as a set at Macys)
  4. Black Maternity Leggings by Liz Lange Maternity (purchased at Target)
  5. Black Strappy Sandals by TOP Moda (purchased at Yolli’s, downtown Olympia)

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