21 weeks!




21 weeks today!  Sister took these pictures, and I happen to think she did an amazing job.  Feeling well, tons of energy… and feeling baby kick!  The best part I have to say was the other day… which happens to be this past Tuesday.  It was very warm outside, we were having a bbq/swimming night at the in-law’s house, and I was floating in their pool minding my own business, when I closed my eyes and within a minute felt the BIGGEST movement I had felt at that point in time.  I immediately moved my hands to my preggo belly, and BAM!  I actually felt baby’s movements with my hand.  I was very excited for the hubs to feel too… and when he finally did, he asked the following question:

“So are you sure you aren’t flexing your stomach?”


5 thoughts on “21 weeks!

  1. hahaha oh jeez. silly trev. also on second look those booties DO look yellow in the photo, but i saw them as green because I knew they were.

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