Shop Local

This afternoon my mom and I met up for some shopping in wonderful downtown Shelton.  Some may say – why Shelton?  Well, I’m here to say there are actually some pretty fun stores located in our downtown area.  With the beautiful weather we made our way through each one without having to hop in our car… some may say that was very green of us.

I did find a few things that I am particularly pumped about… however, the most exciting find of the day was a gently used infant car seat at the used children’s store downtown (see below).

The hubs was pretty proud of my purchase too and even agreed to see what it looked like in our car.  See, I wanted to take it over to show my dad and sister this evening at family dinner night… so it only made sense to place it in the back seat of our car.  What I probably shouldn’t share is the fact that we actually practiced buckling it into the car to see how secure it fit… the hubs threatened to take some pictures of me driving around with and empty car seat and posting crazy signs.  Hey, at least I didn’t put a baby doll in the seat…


2 thoughts on “Shop Local

  1. haha omg. we must put a baby doll in it now! gosh he comes up with the best ideas. no wait! lets put one of those teddy bears mom gave you in it. even better.

  2. oh man – the one with the rain coat or the little old man? lol. i am going to drive to give trev some coffee this morning… car seat is coming along! lol.

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