Here I am.  Posting again.  BUT – here’s why.  We had a little excitement at our home this evening.  Let me just say thank goodness for my little boys (aka our kitty cats Jack-Carlos and Raul).  You see, the hubs isn’t feel very well… thinks he might have a touch of food poisoning (from some left-over ham from the Saturday night poker/pool party).  So as the good wife that I am, I make my way downstairs to grab him some water and some Tums… when I see our kitties staring at some decorative twigs next to our window seat.  I don’t know what’s going on, because if it were a toy… Raul would have moved on by now.  I approach the arrangement and hear a little sound – something similar to a bug zapper.  I FLIP.  I mean, I get so nervous I run for my mission of water and Tums.  I make my way back upstairs, give my hubs his meds, and request that he follow me back downstairs to see if the cats are still acting funny.  As we enter the living/dining room, we see Raul still intently staring at the arrangement… but now from a distance.  Jack is still close by… both eyes focused on the area of interest.  So the hubs walks up, takes a peak, and realizes that we have a house guest.  Somehow an adult bat has entered our house and chosen to hide behind these decorations.  The hubs moves one of the sticks – the bat starts screeching like no tomorrow.  I freak out… and run off by the entryway.  How the heck did this little monster get into our home?  The hubs informs me that the bat is ready to bite.  Mouth open, ready to attack anyone who comes close.  I freak out again.  We quickly decide that a towel would be the best option to capture our house guest…. and conveniently I had returned from swimming earlier, leaving my towel downstairs in the kitchen/bar area.  So the hubs swiftly grabs the towel, making his way back to the bat.  The hubs, similar to a superhero, grabs the bat as he tries to make his way behind the dresser next to our window seat and makes a mad dash for our front door.  Raul, being the awesome/trusting/curious kitty that he is, decides to trip the hubs while trying to get a good look at the captive.  The hubs almost loses his balance and the bat.  Luckily, the hubs is a natural born superhero and this little sitch was no match for his keen sense of direction/pathway to the door.  The hubs reaches our front porch and quickly places the towel on the railing.  Meanwhile, the bat is making him/herself known with some blood curdling screams and screeches.  We both retreat back into the house – because of course, I had to keep a close eye on the hubs – and decide that we need to take a picture of this craziness.  So we find my camera, make our way back to the front porch, and the hubs takes the following picture:


This bat meant business… we still aren’t sure how he got into our home.  Our only guess would be in through our chimney/fireplace, as the door to the fireplace was slightly cracked open.  The kitties still have not made their way up into our bedroom for the night… I am crossing my fingers and praying there is nothing else for us to find on the beautiful Monday evening.


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