Busy Bee + Baby.

This weekend has been one whirlwind after another!  I am not complaining, but am simply stating that with all this busy-ness I have not found time to take a break and relax this weekend.  So in order to post SOMETHING, I thought I’d briefly share what I have been up to lately.

  1. Friday day:  I posted and sold our first custom order on BeBe Adore!  As I had mentioned before, we were contacted for a custom bib/burp cloth gift set order… which was sold and will be shipped out tomorrow!
  2. Friday night:  The hubs and I attended his sister’s rehearsal dinner – practice was at the new Catholic church in Shelton and the fabulous dinner was catered at Little Creek Casino.
  3. EARLY Saturday morning: My wonderful mom and I, with the assistance of two lovely helpers, cut Dahlias for my sister-in-law’s wedding… GORGEOUS, gorgeous flowers.
  4. Saturday day:  Rushing around in preparation for the sister-in-law’s wedding.  Everything went off without a hitch!
  5. Saturday night:  The hubs and I had the opportunity to practice being “parents” while we babysat our baby niece, slumber party style (more on this later – and maybe a few pictures).
  6. Sunday morning:  Went to breakfast with the wedding clan for a hot second before we (the hubs + I) hit the road to good ol’ McCleary, Washington for the Bear Festival softball tourney.
  7. Sunday day:  Spent hurriedly cleaning and working on laundry, getting ready for our work week!

Phew!  Tomorrow’s busy-ness forecast doesn’t seem to be any slower… we are headed to our first OB appointment after our ultrasound back on July 9th!  Very excited for this – we get to find out more information on our baby love (aka lil’ love).  Definitely expect a blog on this sitch tomorrow.


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