Bonding with Brooklyn


(Holding Brooklyn at Brittany & Lloyd’s wedding, with Lindsey)

This little love and I had the opportunity to bond this weekend.  As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, our niece Brooklyn spent the night with us Saturday night after her parents’ wedding.  She is a mama’s girl… I repeat, mama’s girl.  So needless to say, the hubs and I were very worried that we would not be able to keep her happy while at our home.  But I have to say – the night/next morning went off without a hitch!  We put Brooklyn to bed a little before 11pm when we arrived home after the wedding reception.  She slept through the night, waking up slowly at around 6:30am!  Here are a few photos of her, pre-bath time:





Too adorable!  I cannot wait until we have our lil’ baby love…  speaking of our Baby Cahoon, we went to my OB appointment today.  My midwife was very happy with our ultrasound results, stating that we could not have asked for a better ultrasound!  Lil’ love is super healthy and progressing perfectly… but still no clue on the sex.  No worries, I have moved on and am ready for my big surprise at the very end of this exciting journey!


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