Little Stressed…

Today was a pretty fab day.  It was spent hanging out with  my mom, hitting up many different stores in the Olympia area.  I found some pretty great things, including a pair of maternity jeans that make me feel semi-okay about buying maternity clothes.  I even found a faux leather bag that was ridiculously cute/stylish/perfect for a diaper bag…. or so I thought, until I got home to show the hubs.  I wore it downstairs, proudly displaying my successful shopping when it happened.  I glanced down at the multiple tags that were attached to the bag, reading the price (while smiling to myself at my wonderful deal), then glanced at one of the other tags.  THE TAG.  The tag that ruined everything.  The tag that I wish I would have read before buying.  As a pregnant woman a little over halfway through her pregnancy… I about died.

“WARNING: This bag contains chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm.”

Great.  Guess who will be returning the bag first thing tomorrow morning?

Meanwhile, I’m back to searching for a diaper bag/tote/purse…  oh, and PS – should ANY store be selling that bag even though the warning is put out there?  It doesn’t say MAY cause… it blatantly says CAUSE.  Super.


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