Another option?

I am in lust with this bag!

Not much else to say… other than I think this bag would function quite well as a “modern diaper bag.”

The hubs clarified with me that he had been planning on using his own bag all along… after a recent closet cleaning he found an extra backpack that he thinks would work well… and after reading Cindy’s comment on my last post, he is convinced he will use that bag.  So – search back on!

Fashionable/modern/handbag/diaper bag… I will find you!


3 thoughts on “Another option?

  1. yay for you. happy hunting. 🙂 ps. there are plastic connector link toys thingys that i use to clip on to my stroller or shopping cart that can hold your diaper bag, or any of your shopping bags. you can get a bunch of them in a pack if you run out of storage space in/under your stroller as someone suggested in your last post. did you find a stroller yet?

  2. i think. 🙂 i have a few favorited. or maybe forever 21. hey, whatever happened to your forever 21 bag?

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