Lil’ Love’s Diaper Bag?

As I have mentioned in prior blog entries, I am on the constant hunt for a semi-decent diaper bag for Lil’ Love.  Let me tell you, this is no easy chore.  I don’t know if I am just too picky or if I need to create a new line of bags, but pretty much every bag out there is either way too expensive or unattractive.  The hubs would also like to carry the bag if necessary, so all of my previous purse/diaper bag options are lost and gone forever (which I’m okay with since I’ll be a working mom).  Anyway, I stumbled across a few tote bags that would work… but I think I might have found my new fave:

Pretty basic, but pretty perfect for what we are looking for in a bag.  It has several pockets inside, two of which are made specifically for bottles, pacifiers, etc.  As of right now, I have this bag favorited on my computer… however – I have two questions for all you moms out there:

  1. Do you know of any other decent bags that I should check into?
  2. What did you find useful or completely necessary in a diaper bag?

4 thoughts on “Lil’ Love’s Diaper Bag?

  1. That bag is adorable! I can’t tell from the picture but does it come with a change pad? I think that’s important as some changing rooms can be pretty hideous. Also, I found it useful that a diaper bag be easy to just wipe clean and have some way of being attached to the stroller handle bars (rather than take up precious cargo space underneath).

    Happy hunting!

  2. my m-i-l got me the best bag. i’ll use it for baby #2 and still use it now even though we’ve passed the needed “diaper bag” usage (bottles, burp rags, etc). it’s great quality, lots of pockets, so many different designs that you can definitely find one that both of you don’t mind. the thing i like about it is it has 3 outside pockets. i larger one in front that has an elastic opening so it’s super easy to just reach into. i always kept the high in demand things in it. right above it was a small zipper pouch that i kept my wallet, keys, phone and chapstick in so that i didn’t have to rumage around inside for those things. the back side just has a wide opening that i kept all the diaper stuff in. it’s nice to have it separate from all the inside stuff too. the top of the bag also had a magnet cloth clip (you can’t even see it) so that the bag can easily be closed so things won’t fall out (they fall over a lot, especially if you pack it as much as you might need to in the beginning). anyways. daniel never really cared what the bag looked like. i got a cute brown with some very subtle flowers on it and some leather. not too girly. i bought him a black REI backpack for when he takes sammy out. you pretty much have to pack a bag each time you go out, so if trevor doesn’t want to use a super girly one like yours, then he’d just pack his own. or you’d have a separate day care pack that always hold the essentials of what you’d need for that. i have probably 5 different bags i rotate through, but then i love bags. 🙂 it’s doesn’t have to be just 1. i say buy something fun for you for when you go out shopping, etc. daniel was pretty stoked to get his own bag too. LONG i know. was really bummed to miss out on hanging out today. i’m still in a lot of pain 😦 but maybe later this week we can try coffee again???

  3. Hmmm it’s cute! But I don’t know how I feel about the name thing.

    It looks like it has lots of pockets though so that’s nice. 🙂

    Of course I don’t know what one would need in a diaper bag. Good luck!

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