Sneak Peak: Baby’s Nursery

Today makes for a pretty busy day for me.  I am supposed to be working on laundry and vacuuming/sweeping, but instead… I choose to blog.  I am pretty excited about Lil’ Love’s new digs – the hubs is doing an amazing job.  After working several hours on the crib yesterday, he came home and managed to switch out one outlet and the light switch in the room.  You see, there are two things you need to understand:

  1. The people who owned our home before us made some interesting choices when building the home.  For instance when trying to decide what color to paint the walls in the home, they didn’t choose your basic white.  No… they decided that they loved the Almond color that outlets and older appliances come in… so why not paint everything that color?  Needless to say, we have painted every room and are now working on changing the outlets/light switches from Almond to white throughout our home.
  2. The hubs is not an electrician, a builder, etc… yet he is a quick learner and tries his hardest.  Changing the outlet and the light switch in baby’s room was a challenge at first – but the hubs laughed in the face of that challenge and was able to tackle them with ease.

The room is painted and we have half of the trim/wainscoting purchased and ready to put up… so I thought I’d give a few sneak peaks.  Little teasers, if you will.


This is the first outlet the hubs worked on.  Notice the beautiful bright white outlet – love it!  The white trim placed below the outlet was our choice for the room… it hasn’t been attached to the wall yet, just resting there for the moment.  The color that we chose was a muted grey/blue which is very relaxing and a smidge lighter/brighter than what this picture shows.


Here is the new light switch… again, notice white and not almond – hurray!  This picture shows another little glimpse at what our wall color looks like, as well as a simple trim that will frame in the door, window, and closet – without the finger prints you see above.


This picture gives you an idea of our remaining materials, as I mentioned before.  One wall will have the wainscoting beadboard – this will be the wall that showcases our beautiful natural madrona handmade crib.  The trim to the right is what will line the bottom of each wall in the room.  I am loving the choices we have made thus far.  I am hoping we can get the room completely done by the beginning of September… and then I will be able to show you some of the nursery furniture and accessories we have been collecting.  I am not sure if I mentioned it before, but we have decided to go with a vintage children’s room theme… which is more of an idea running through my head than an actual theme, but I digress.  We have a few collectibles from our childhood that we would like baby to have in his/her room… as well as a few new items I have found.  I have decided that my mom and I will work together on making our crib bedding… and I am leaning towards white bedding, with multiple different textures.  Does that make sense?  My mom and I have planned to head to JoAnns next week, so I’ll see if I can find what I’m thinking and post a little something on here.  Anyway, here is one last picture:


The picture frame was a gift that my aunt gave to my mom before I was born for my nursery… at first I was unsure if it would go in the room, but now that I have such an eclectic idea running through my head – I think it will go perfectly!  The set of Beatrix Potter books were purchased for $3.00 at a garage sale in our neighborhood last weekend… very excited to add them to Lil’ Love’s book collection!  I am very pleased with our progress so far and hope to post an update very very soon.


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