Pregnant Ladies LOVE Potato Salad!

.. Or at least I did tonight.  With it being so warm out, the hubs and I decided to BBQ.  Kind of boring and uninteresting, but we made hot dogs.  I spiced them up by making a red potato salad and garlic broccoli.  YUM.  Everything turned out delish!  My only trouble was the fact that I can’t quite eat more than a few bites of anything without getting stuffed beyond my means.  Oh but no worries – I’m not starving lil’ love.  Because even if I get full after a few bites, I end up needing more food approximately 20 minutes after I stop eating.

Here is an updated picture of me during my 24th week of pregnancy:

My belly is really growing.  I’m enjoying this phase of my pregnancy – it’s nice to clearly show and have people ask about baby instead of thinking “hmm, she’s gettin’ a little chubs.”  I am feeling great… losing my energy more often now, but I know it is all for baby.  People still have been giving me their opinions on who Lil’ Love is – and I’m finding more and more are thinking baby could be a girl.  Some say the way I carry predicts that we will have a beautiful baby boy… but my mom informed me recently that she carried my sister and I the same way – and we’re clearly not boys.

I have been enjoying reading about how baby is growing each week in our pregnancy books, but I also wanted a few other reads that discuss pregnancy and life with baby.  So, I have been checking into Jenny McCarthy’s books: Belly Laughs and Baby Laughs.  Our local library had Baby Laughs in, so I started with that one first.  SO hilarious… I love reading what she has to say.  Very quick read – I highly recommend you go check them out for yourself.


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