25 weeks.


Me, 25 weeks along.  Still feeling great, although my energy is dwindling these days.

For instance, it is 2:54pm on Saturday… and I’m thinking a nap sounds good.  Very good.

Trashy TV + comfy couch = nap time now, blog later…


4 thoughts on “25 weeks.

  1. Hey Jen!
    I found your blog through facebook and am so excited for you and your new baby to be! You are so cute pregnant- you are so good about getting good pics each week- that’s a great idea! You’re living in Shelton, right? We should get together and catch up before your life gets too crazy. Talk to you later!
    ~Rebecca (Speigle) Stephens

  2. you need to get your sleep now, you won’t get it later lol. i read a study once that said that the amount of energy that the body expends while pregnant is equal to climbing mount everest. sooo, when you are done you could try and claim that as another thing you have done. being a mommy is amazing, and i cannot wait until school starts, except for sending em, i will cry.

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