Update: 26 weeks!

IMG_3883Like I’ve said all along, this pregnancy is flying by.  I can hardly believe that I only have 14 weeks left.  Crazy!  I had the hubs quickly snap this picture before family dinner night last night, as I have been pretty lax with the pictures recently and tend to wait to take them on the weekend instead.

My stomach looks pretty big here… but do not fear.  While I do have a baby belly bump for sure, it always looks a million zillion times worse towards the end of the day.  However, if I can contain all of my weight gain to my belly, I will be one happy camper!

And check out those boots!  I was unsure if this outfit really matched or not, but I figured this:

  • I’m pregnant.
  • I need comfort.
  • I recently hurt my right arm, making it pretty much immobile… so,
  • I needed the boots with this outfit in order to hide my unshaven legs.

That’s right.  I’m not going to lie – shaving hasn’t been on the top of my priorities lately with a bum arm.  But back to those boots – they are so comf!  I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely be wearing them throughout this coming fall/winter seasons.

Any updated guesses on whether Lil’ Love is a boy or a girl??


3 thoughts on “Update: 26 weeks!

  1. daniel got me the checkbook wallet in that same print for mother’s day. love it. is the bag the same as far in as it’s that weird material that you should be able to just wipe down with a baby wipe or something? that will be a nice little perk for you. 🙂

    ps i’m hoping you’re having a boy. selfishly of course.

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