NEW Kitchen Floor!

We have been working on several projects around the house this weekend, including: weeding the yard, staining the crib, painting and hanging wainscoting and baseboard in the nursery, painting the rest of our guest bathroom cabinets, massive amounts of laundry, cleaning the house, fixing our overhead kitchen lighting, and last but not least – removing our hideoscious brick vinyl flooring from our kitchen.  For those of you who have seen the infamous red brick kitchen vinyl, you know what I am speaking of.  For those of you who have not… just imagine faux bricks in the form of vinyl on your kitchen floor, with a splash of BLEH-ness.  Lovely, no?

Thankfully, I was able to talk the hubs into replacing it with some new vinyl this weekend.  We eventually want to remodel our kitchen, which would include new hardwood floors throughout the entire downstairs portion of our home… so for now, new vinyl works for me.  Here is a poladroid picture of the hubs and my dad’s amazing work… completed in about 6 hours or so:

Love it!  Looks similar to our real slate tile in our entry way…

Our kitty Raul had to be in the picture, too.


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