Update: Home.Sweet.Home.

Remember THIS blog post?
I FINALLY have an update for you!

bathroom 2

[Before – as seen in the “Home.Sweet.Home.” post]



Ta-da!  We were able to work on finishing up the cabinet paint job + new pulls two weekends ago, and I have been meaning to share them with you.  I think painting the cabinets white was just what this room needed – it adds a splash of brightness to an otherwise semi-dark room.

For those of you who do not know, this is our upstairs guest bathroom – which is without a bathroom window.  So the only light the room receives is from the current light fixture.  Eventually, I would love to replace the light fixture with something more modern/that gives off more light, as well as replace the flooring with tile.  After that, we have talked about adding an additional sink, buying a big sheet of glass to make our own mirror, and purchasing modern faucets…

Oh, the joys of home improvement!


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