“Busy-ness” doesn’t begin to describe…

Man!  I can’t believe that my weekend is almost here again.  We have been so busy trying to play catch-up from our fabulous weekend… here are a few things we have been up to:

  1. Costco! – We are now proud members of Costco… just in time to buy millions of diapers and wipes.  So thankful for you, big box store!
  2. LAUNDRY.  Mounds upon mounds of laundry… I think I have a glimpse as to what it is going to be like to add baby’s laundry to our weekly load.
  3. Childbirth class – starts tonight!  Back in July we signed up for a 4-week childbirth class, held every Tuesday at the hospital where lil’ love will be born from 7:00 – 9:00pm.  So excited to go… yet a little nervous at the same time.  This just proves how close we are!
  4. Flex Fridays.  So happy/glad that I changed my schedule to have Fridays off!  Makes the work week fly by and that one extra day of weekend is pure heaven.  I think it will be a great schedule once baby is here.
  5. We purchased lil’ love’s stroller!  We finally made the decision and can’t wait to test it out.  We decided on phil&teds sport buggy stroller.  Very happy about this choice for a couple of reasons.  First of all, this stroller adjusts to different heights… so no matter who is pushing, the hubs or me, we can both be comfortable.  Second, the stroller can turn into a double stroller with one easy additional seat (because we’ll definitely have another baby).  Here’s a picture:

Now off to class I go… hurray!


5 thoughts on ““Busy-ness” doesn’t begin to describe…

  1. Life is super busy! I wanted to see if you and Trevor wanted to come over some time- maybe for dinner and games- before your lil’ love comes and life gets even busier : ). I’m not sure how to contact you except through the blog, so if you guys have a free night sometime soon can you call and let us know. I haven’t seen you in so long it seems!
    Rebecca : )

  2. Hi Rebecca! I will check our schedule and get back to you – it would be great to get together. I’ll try to give you a call this weekend to make plans! hurray! 🙂

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