Dear John.

Dear fellow bloggers and blog-readers alike,

I apologize for my lack of blog worthy posts this month.  It seems like October has come and [nearly] gone, with only a few posts here and there.  I could blame it on my pregnancy, but that would just be a lie.  While we have been pretty busy this month, that is no excuse to disregard your feelings and not leave you with complete and utter satisfaction after visiting my page.  Although they might not be any big consolation, I do have a few exciting things to share – which should be featured in future blogs as well in the near future:

  1. Today marks 34 weeks in my pregnancy – only 6 weeks left (approximately) before our lil’ love makes his or her grand debut… and we have a lot left to share.  Baby’s nursery is almost complete… which means pictures should be posted shortly.
  2. New DSLR camera from my caring, sweet hubs for my bday/Christmas gift.  While this has been mentioned before, I haven’t really had the opportunity to test the waters with this bad boy yet.  Again, more pictures should be featured soon.
  3. My very own sewing machine!  My moms and dads (aka my mom and dad, mother-in-law and father-in-law) purchased a Singer for me for my bday… and it came today!  i am so jazzed to try this puppy out… 144 stitch options, the alphabet at my fingertips.  Oh yeah, I’m pumped!
  4. Holidays!  With my birthday marks the start of this year’s holiday season… and I cannot wait!  Per tradition, I will be dusting off my set of 8+ Christmas music CDs for 60-ish days of musical delight come Sunday.  Hurray!

(Okay, so maybe those few updates are more exciting for me than you… Anyway…)

Again, I apologize for my blogging habits this month.  As November is my 1st year blog anniversary date, I plan on posting something each and every day – so be prepared for that!

Until then – please stay interested my dear, faithful readers.
(You won’t regret it!)


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