Sewing Heaven.




My moms and dads rock!  They bought me a little slice of heaven.  Sewing heaven.  This morning I’ve been able to begin my life long relationship with my wonderful birthday present: a Singer CB5 Fully Electronic Sewing Machine.  I haven’t started any sewing projects yet, but I have started playing with the functions.  Loading the bobbin and threading the machine was very simple – and very comparable to sister‘s machine (which I was so fortunate to be able to store and use at my home until earlier this month).  I played around with a few stitches and even tried my hand at the letter stitching.  Here are a few pictures:




I accidentally pulled the fabric while the “C” was stitching… but very impressed with these new sewing options!

Love this machine!  I seriously cannot get enough.  Now, I am off to plan a few sewing projects…


2 thoughts on “Sewing Heaven.

  1. YES! Cahoon on the bum for sure – that’s why I tested Cahoon. 🙂 Can’t really do baby’s name… yet.

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