Beautiful, Wonderful 27 years.

Be sure to watch your clocks – today at exactly 6:29pm, I will turn 27 years old.  It is hard to believe that I am in my late 20’s.  I don’t know if it is because I have a younger sister or maybe I’m just crazy – but for some reason it is hard for me to believe I am a day over 22.  Weird, I know.  But what a wonderful birthday it has been this year.  I am so thankful for my family and friends that have made me feel truly special.  Here are a few pictures:


The hubs and I before our Friday night date night – dinner & a movie at McMenamins.


After a full day of shopping in Portland on Saturday with my mom, aunt, and friend Molly – I woke up to this beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sweet, sweet card in our bedroom from my hubs.  He woke up very early this morning in order to surprise me on my birthday.  While I won’t post his words on here, I will share that the hubs made me feel so so very loved.


A birthday cannot be complete without cake (or cupcakes).  I decided to whip up some red velvet & cream cheese frosting cupcakes today to share with my parents, after we met up for a Sunday Birthday luncheon.  They were absolutely delish.  The hubs told me that he felt bad that I made my own birthday cake and that next year he and our baby would whip something up for me.  Just picturing this idea in my mind makes me so excited – I cannot wait.

What a great birthday.  I love and appreciate everything and everyone involved.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful, Wonderful 27 years.

  1. you will always feel like you aren’t really as old as you are, promise. i don’t FEEL 37, yet i look it. i still get excited for school supplies, even before i had my own kids. you will never get over not feeling your age.

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