Knitting, my old friend.


I had one big goal today: to teach myself how to crochet.  I found several websites with great advice, pictures, directions, etc. that I was hoping to work with – but where are my crochet hooks?   A few years ago, my aunt tried to teach me how to crochet while she was visiting.  I purchased all of the required tools to get the job done… and now when I want to give it a whirl again, I cannot find them.  The hubs helped me search for my crochet bag this morning without any luck.  So, I opted to pick up my knitting again instead.  I have been knitting for a few years now, starting back when I was in college.  I have mastered the skills of making scarves and picked up knitting again last year to try my hand at a blanket (pictured above).  The blanket is actually the perfect dimensions for a baby… maybe I’ll make it my new bed rest project before baby is born…


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