Hurray Hurray for… November 1st?

That’s right – today marks the first day of my blogging anniversary month.  I have mentioned before that I hope to blog a little something each and every day this month… so be excited for that.

Here are a few things I am personally excited for this November:

  1. Our Fireplace!  Okay, so maybe we broke it in before November, but there is just something a little fantastic about having a nice crackling fire while you watch a movie, drink hot cocoa, or just relax and take it all in.
  2. Christmas Music/Movies!  I know, I know… we have a holiday in between Halloween and Christmas… but you better bet your bottom dollar I will already be listening and watching my favorite holiday’s finest.  After all, one month is just not enough Christmas for me.
  3. Sister home for a visit!  This month, we are lucky enough to have two visits from miss Kimmi… next weekend and Thanksgiving!  Can’t wait!!
  4. Pregnancy photos – with the hubs!  Poor man.  For some reason, the hubs does not enjoy getting his picture taken.  I know, I know – I am surprised too!  With dimps (aka dimples) like those, why not show them off in photos?  Anyway, sister and I have convinced him to take pregnancy pictures with me.  Just a few and mainly for baby’s album.  Sister will be taking them instead of a professional, which makes the hubs happy.
  5. A completed (and ready) Nursery!  Today the hubs and his mom will be working on getting the nursery ready for our lil’ love… with being on bed rest, I am almost certain baby will come early.  So I may be posting pictures of our baby’s nursery very, very soon!

Now if only my blood pressure would be reasonable and I could go back to work part-time before baby arrives… I have been taking it off and on all weekend, and it has been very very good.  With November comes my weekly OB appointments… we’ll see what the Doctor says on Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Hurray Hurray for… November 1st?

  1. WOO hoo! I’m excited for November too! And I was JUST talking about how this marks all the cheesy and non cheesy Christmas movies being played on TV. EXCITED!

  2. I am excited for so many things in this post
    1. Kimmi coming home
    2. The Christmas season
    3. Seeing the nursery
    4. Lil’ Love (hopefully arriving early!)

  3. yes! you both are so dead on… with Christmas right around the corner, I cannot wait for the cheesy ABC fam movies… and hallmark, lifetime, oxygen, etc. for that matter!! I am hoping that baby does come early too – it would be nice to have baby a little before Thanksgiving! But we will see. I go in on Wednesday – I’ll keep you both posted on what I find out.

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