Lil’ Love’s Crib


I decided to sneak a little picture to share before our nursery was officially organized.  This is the amazing, beautiful crib that the hubs co-built for our lil’ love.  The amount of work that went into this crib – the hubs is so very wonderful and I can’t thank him enough.  Baby will sure be spoiled!  Once I have everything else in order I’ll post a few more (non rollip/polaroid) pictures.  Consider this your teaser….

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering – I sat in the rocker in baby’s room while I directed the hubs and my mother-in-law on decorating/arranging the furniture.  It was our creative way for me to still have involvement while on bed rest/house arrest.


6 thoughts on “Lil’ Love’s Crib

  1. do you think (or know) that you’re having a boy? just wondering because of the clothes and colors and something my mom said yesterday.

  2. well, we opted on the blue color walls awhile ago… but i have had three ultrasounds since my 7/9 ultrasound and baby likes to cover his or her goods and be stubborn… but on the most recent one, the midwife stated that she couldn’t give me a percentage on how much she thinks baby is a boy, but that she thinks baby is definitely a boy. i told trevor this, and it has been spreading around like hotcakes. i chose white bedding, because it can be boy or girl… but we have received clothes and blankets that say boy. so we’ll see i guess!

  3. The crib is beautiful- I’m excited to see how the nursery turns out and I hope everything goes well at the doctor’s tomorrow. Nesting has got to be so hard when you’re stuck on bed rest!

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