Fabric, Anyone?

In addition to the craft projects that I found a few days ago as seen HERE, I would love to make at least one or two sewing presents for family members as well.  Nothing too complicated, but something with fun fabrics.  I have been researching fabric websites for awhile and cannot get over how fun this one is.  I originally stumbled onto this site when I was looking for vintage baby fabrics, before I opted for clean and crisp white bedding.  Here are a few of the fabrics from the site that I personally am enjoying:

They also have fun vintage holiday fabric.  I would LOVE to make something with these fabrics:

My only complaint about this site is that everything is marked at $15.00 a yard.  That could add up quickly, especially if you wanted to make more than one throw blanket for someone.  Have you found any similar sites?  Or know of any great fabric sites?


4 thoughts on “Fabric, Anyone?

  1. lol, it might as well be! and then when it goes on sale, it is only a couple dollars off… and all purchases have to be by the yard. so you’re spending a minimum of $15!

  2. it’s a rip off. you can find the top two fabrics at joanns. i’ve used the pink flowery one before, they only cost between 3-7 bucks (and you can always use coupons). i would never spend 15 bucks unless it’s decorator fabric (thicker), or i was absolutely in love with it and couldn’t find it anywhere else. etsy has some great fabric sites with a variation of amounts you can get for decent prices. sewmamasew isn’t too bad too (that’s where i got all the fabric for sammy’s quilt). have always loved what i’ve gotten from that site, and you can search by designer which is nice.

  3. oh really? i’ll have to check out joann’s once i can leave the house! thanks for the other options – cute fabric, but WAYYYYY over priced. 🙂

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