Pregnancy Photo Session

I’m about 36.5 weeks pregnant today.  Time for some updated pregnancy photos!

I have been wanting to take pregnancy pictures with the hubs my entire pregnancy and figured we should probably get on it, especially since we are unsure when our lil’ love could arrive (sooner than later).  So with sister in town, we requested her photography services and I think they turned out pretty good… especially since we were limited on what we could do with my bed rest.

Here are my favorites:







All pictures were taken around our house, with breaks for creative thinking and resting.  I think Kimmi did a great job – I couldn’t ask for better photographs for our memories!  Thanks sister!  Oh – and there are more posted on my Facebook… which include some serious/prop photos that we die over!  A little less serious and a lot more fun.  Be sure to check them out.

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Photo Session

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