Baby Frustrations!

So, for those of you who took a peek at lil’ loves crib – you may have noticed that some of our outfits/decorations were a nod in the boy direction.  You may have noted the boy-themed outfits hanging on the wall, the blue and white blanket on the crib, or even just the look of the blue walls and white bedding.  While the wall color (which is actually a grey blue) and white bedding were planned for a baby boy or a baby girl (when we were unsure), the rest of the items were given to us by family after learning that we may be having a boy.

Our baby has always wanted to be a surprise, I suppose – because today we were informed that our baby may actually be a girl. The midwife didn’t even blink or pause – she was that certain.  So now we are unsure what to think.  I have always had a hard time accepting baby as a boy, simply because baby has been so stubborn in sharing my entire pregnancy that it felt weird to actually know the sex of our baby.  I think I’m at the point where I refuse to believe baby is a boy or a girl – and that I am back to square one.  Until I see lil’ love with my own two eyes, I will not believe baby is a boy or a girl.

With that said, my appointment went very well today.  Here are some updates and things we learned:

  • My blood pressure was perfect!  I couldn’t have asked for a better reading.  Nothing was done different than before, so maybe this bed rest situation is actually working to my benefit.
  • Since I am going in twice a week now for appointments (next appointment: Thursday), I am scheduled to have NST (Non Stress Test) and AFI (Amniotic Fluid Index) tests done each week.  Basically they want to make sure baby is doing well and still happy as a clam.  Today, baby was happy as can be – we even got to see baby sucking his/her thumb!
  • As of today, they are thinking of inducing me around 38.5 weeks – which is November 23rd.  Our Lil’ Love could be here for Thanksgiving!

My appointment today made me feel 100% better about our current situation and I cannot wait to see what we find out this Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Baby Frustrations!

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  2. what the heck? that would amke me crazy, but i was sure taylor was a girl, and i was also sure sis was a girl. guess i had girl brain.

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