This is how I like to start my day.


Isn’t my cat Jack the sweetest?
He wanted to sit on my lap while I got myself going this morning.
After all, he knew about my rough night last night.

Last night was one interesting, painful pregnancy night for me.  In the middle of the afternoon yesterday, I started to have a little uncomfortable – WARNING, may be T.M.I. – gassy feeling.  I knew it was nothing to be concerned with, because after I would visit the bathroom I would feel better.  Well, this feeling only built up as the day went on.  About 9:30 last night, I thought I was going to die.  My stomach was rock hard like a constant contraction, I couldn’t lay or sit or stand in any position without pain, and I couldn’t even bring myself to go to the bathroom.  The hubs was a champ and a great help – he looked up all of my symptoms and narrowed my pain down to either pre-labor contractions or trapped gas.  He had me get in the shower and have the hot water pound on my body, which felt wonderful, until he could determine which one I most likely had.  As it turns out, I had trapped gas.  Lovely, I know.

After my diagnosis, I spent the night down in the family room – our couch felt better to me than our bed.  I was up pretty much every hour on the half hour, for about 15 minutes dealing with how to release my pain.  Gross, I know – but I even threw up a little.  The pain finally subsided around 5:40 this morning… and I was able to sleep in to make up for my sleep deprived night.  And that is how we get to the picture above.  Jack didn’t bother me while I was in pain last night – in fact, neither of our cats did.  He simply sat by my side and watched me.  He never tried to sit on my lap, be held, or pet while I was in pain.  The second I woke up this morning he hopped on my lap, sniffed me, started to purr, and curled up for a slow wake-up morning.

What an end to my pregnancy!  37 weeks today… not much longer, but please no more kidney stone and/or gas pain… and I was having such a great pregnancy!  Sheesh.


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