Kingston, my new love.

Our lil’ love is here!

So hard to believe, yet so wonderful at the same time.  With so many complications towards the end of my pregnancy, it was decided that it was best for my health if baby came early.  After 24+ hours of induced labor with hardly any progression, our lil’ love was born Friday November 13th at 9:40pm via cesarean.  We were released from the hospital on Monday and have been home enjoying our new family ever since.  I am healing wonderfully and we could not ask for a sweeter baby boy.

Time to feed baby… I will post more soon, promise!


3 thoughts on “Kingston, my new love.

  1. Congratulations! I’ve been hoping for an update and I’m so glad all is well. He is so precious and I’m glad you’re doing well too. Keep his cute pics coming : ).

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