Playing Catch-Up…

… with our DVR.  This is what my night has pretty much consisted of – besides loving on my baby love Kingston.  It is kind of sad how full our DVR was after being gone for a couple of days.  We were at 100% full and several of our older shows I had not watched yet were being deleted in order to make space for all of the new shows being recorded.  I now have our memory down to 67% full… with the majority of the shows being “Say Yes to the Dress.”

I love this show!  I don’t really know what it is, but I have become obsessed with it since being on bed rest.  Not a lot of shows are on during the day that grab my interest, so I tried this show after seeing a few episodes previously and instantly became hooked.  As a result, I did what any normal DVR-ing girl would do… set a recording!  Every episode is a repeat, but they are all new to me.  For all of the random, terribly addicting reality shows I watch – the hubs does not seem to mind this show as much and will even throw out some comments every so often.  No worries – he watches from afar (aka – mainly listens to the shows while playing WOW).  If you have not seen this show – check it out.  The bridal budgets get me every time.  I mean, can you imagine spending $10,000 on a wedding dress?  Amazing.


2 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up…

  1. i really love house hunters and property virgins, those people crack me up. some won’t consider a house becasue they don’t like the paint, seriously dumb. have fun with the baby, i would just snug down with them and watch t.v. or read.

  2. those are good shows! i love them too – and it is a little ridiculous what some people’s expectations are when they look at buying houses, lol. the show i DO NOT understand: I didn’t know I was pregnant. PUH-lease. that one drives me crazy. i happened to catch half of an episode last night while breastfeeding, lol.

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