A few things that make me happy.

  1. The scent of my cinnamon pine cones – a $4.00 purchase from Walmart I will never regret.
  2. Kingston’s wipe warmer.  Never would I have thought this registry item would be such a necessity.
  3. Our families.  They have been such a great help with our transition from couple to family of 3.
  4. The fact that Christmas is right around the corner.  This time next weekend, I will be decorating our 2009 Christmas tree!
  5. My wonderful, amazingly supportive husband.  He has done so much to make sure Kingston and I are happy and content.  I love him!
  6. A fresh new ‘do.  Today my mother-in-law colored and cut my hair… so, so happy.
  7. The giant underpants the hospital provides you after labor.  Pretty much in love with the comfort they provide (I talked my nurses into giving me a few pairs to take home).
  8. Sister being home for the holidays… so fun!
  9. Lansinoh cream.  Enough said.
  10. My buggy, Kingston.  I just cannot get enough of our little man.  He makes me smile every day.

5 thoughts on “A few things that make me happy.

  1. i took some of the undies home to! i loved them haha great to hear the family is doing great your little man is beautiful!

  2. lol thanks ladies. 🙂 those underwear are the best – they should sell them, because i am officially out and would buy them up like crazy! lol. and Lansinoh cream… very soothing! lol.

  3. Oh the giant underpants! Several women in our birthing class were horrified and thought they were terrible. I loved them and the awesome cold pack that came with. I’m glad you love them too! Oh, and CONGRATS on the new baby boy! He is a doll!

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