Come on in: Kingston’s Nursery

I finally sat down this morning and took a few pictures of the little man’s room.  I have had several views of my previous post, Sneak Peak: Baby’s Nursery, where I provided a few hints and pictures of what we would be doing to transform one of our spare bedrooms into Kingston’s nursery.  Since being off bed rest and having Kingston, I now have things arranged how I like and am ready to share a few pictures with you – Enjoy!

A wide shot view of Kingston’s room.

Letters and shelf hanging on Kingston’s wall for decoration.

Side table with alphabet lamp and teddy bear piggy bank, with rocking chair in the background.

Kingston’s crib, made by the hubs. So beautiful!

A view of the shelf above Kingston’s crib.  Three baby outfits, alphabet blocks spelling out Kingston’s name, and a vintage postcard of children playing with alphabet blocks are featured.


4 thoughts on “Come on in: Kingston’s Nursery

  1. Wow, the nursery looks amazing! You guys did a great job with the decorations and the crib – I love the crib. It’s so beautiful. I might call you when I get pregnant to come help me with my nursery!! 🙂

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