Our Gift

There seems to be a present for every occasion these days.  At the birth of their child, I have heard a lot of women receive “push gifts.”  I didn’t really expect to get anything, as the hubs and I both think this to be an almost “hallmark generated holiday.”

However, once we were within our recovery room at the hospital for a day and doing well, the hubs informed me that he had purchased a push gift for me.  I was shocked… yet excited at the same time.  As I open the gift, I find that he has purchased the Willow Tree figurine, Our Gift (pictured to the right).  I was so excited!  I had wanted to get one of the new family/new mother etc. figurines for our home once baby arrived… and the hubs apparently had the same thought, because I had never really mentioned it to him and then he goes ahead and picks out the most perfect one for our home.

I know I’ve probably mentioned it a million-ba-zillion times already… but I love love LOVE my husband.  I can’t thank him enough for how great he has been during the labor/c-section/bringing baby home process.  He is a great father already.


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