Word to the Wise: Check before you Send.

Do you know who you are sending your emails to?  Probably should double-check… unless you want to randomly email someone, like our new “friend” Ben.  Approximately a year ago, if not longer, we received our first email from Ben who resides back east.  Ben is unknown to us or our families.  Now, the neighborly thing would have been to reply to the first email and inform Ben that he is not contacting the correct person/family.  But did we do that?  No.

Let the emails continue on.

In the past few months, we have received tons of updates on how Ben’s family is doing – stories ranging from their children to their big move (which included their new home address).  We have even received emails including pictures of Ben’s family.  Most recently, we have received two emails in regards to the weather forecast.  These two emails caught my eye, as they were signed “Meteorogically yours.”  Who signs emails this way??  Through a little investigating and Google searching, I was able to find out that Ben is a former chief meteorologist back east who resigned in August due to his arrest for assaulting his estranged wife.

Very interesting.  I think I’ll be triple-checking my emails now… oh, and the hubs?  He has one suggestion for Ben: “Stop beating your wife, Ben.”


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