Makeover: Master Bedroom Style

Let’s just call this a “Before” picture.
(Oh, and don’t mind the fact that our bed is not made – baby wouldn’t let me.)

I am in the process of collecting ideas for our master bedroom makeover.  The above picture shows a little of what our room currently looks like.  When we first moved in, we painted all four bedroom walls the blue that is pictured above.  We loved that blue.  Now, 2.5 years later, it seems a little much… especially after I added the slate grey/brown to the wall behind the headboard of our bed.   So, I am working on a new color scheme.  I still am loving the accent wall of slate grey/brown, so that will stay.  Here are a few changes I have already decided on:

  • The window will be finished with white trim and possible curtains will be hung to add height and drama to the room.
  • Wainscoting will be added to the accent wall – if I can find a new style/design I like (a little different than what we put in the nursery).
  • The three remaining blue walls will be painted a light grey/tan stone color, which will match the accent wall more and brighten up the room.
  • New bedding!  I would love to get a new duvet or quilt for our bed… if we do add wainscoting to the wall, I would love to get a quilt to add a splash of color to the room without overdoing it.  Here are a few examples of quilts that I am liking:

I would also like to change the lighting options in our room as well as a few other minor decor changes… but that is what I have currently on my mind.  Any suggestions on where I can find more inspiration for a cozy yet elegant master bedroom?


6 thoughts on “Makeover: Master Bedroom Style

  1. i almost just posted a photo of the 1st pottery barn quilt you showed because i love it! i’ve thought of making the 3rd quilt you showed too…wouldn’t be too hard. don’t they have the best quilts? love your ideas. i’ve been thinking about our bedroom too (not doing anything till spring or summer), but after the ceiling got painted blue it motivated me to refinish our dresser and add a couple more touches to the space…especially new bedding…i have a quilt mostly done for the bed, but am not completely sold on it yet. we’ll see. it will be fun to see what you do!

  2. they really do! i have looked on other websites for similar ones, but there really is no comparison. i thought about making one myself… but i just don’t think they quality would be there! lol. i’d love to see how yours turned out – maybe it would inspire me to do my own! 🙂 yeah, our room needs to be redone so bad… it is so plain!

  3. are you sure about the WC on accent wall, as well? that might be a lil too much on one wall (considering your headboard/bed is on that wall, too) and, it’s be blocked by your bed and and nightstands anyway 😦 ie. wouldn’t be able to see it?

    just a thought…

  4. true. i am just compiling ideas of what i think looks cozy and will go from there… but that is something to consider. thanks for your comment! 🙂

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