Kingston: 2 months.

We are so in love with our little boy – so lucky to have been blessed with such a sweet little guy.

A couple things we have noticed about our boy, now 2 months old:

  • Weight: 12 lbs., Length: 24.5 in.
  • He LOVES his mealtimes and has already doubled his birth weight… weighing in at a nice and thick 12 lbs.
  • He is very, very strong!  Already able to hold his neck up for several seconds and twist his head from left to right.
  • He SMILES!  Haven’t quite caught this on camera yet, as I have been a bad photographer (but a good mommy) and seem to always be snuggling with him when it happens…
  • He is very aware of his surroundings, wanting to check out everything around him.
  • He can’t get enough of lights and shadows… he will stare at them for hours.
  • He recognizes his mommy and daddy in a room full of people.
  • He no longer cries during diaper changes and gets excited when he’s naked – because he knows that means bath time!
  • He has also figured out that with every diaper change comes meal time.
  • He has learned to fake “cry” in order to see if we will come and get him out of his crib… he will seriously cry then stop and see if we are coming to get him, then cry again if not.
  • He gives the best snuggles… period.

3 thoughts on “Kingston: 2 months.

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  2. he is sweet and alert. we were all talking about that yesterday. such a sweet and quiet guy. he looks like a little man and not so much like a baby, which is a plus since most resemble winston churchill. good job guys, and when is number 2? i still get asked when we are having another, and i had that taken care of years ago. never to soon to start thinking about it. 🙂

  3. he is such a sweetheart! we are very lucky. 🙂 will be awhile before number 2, would like kingston to be out of his diapers so that we just have 1 baby to buy/change diapers for. lol

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