My Loves.

1.  Kingston, cuddled up to the hubs sucking his fingers.
(He just discovered that he could do this and is very loud when doing it.)

2. Valentine’s day gift for the hubs.*
(All wrapped up with some hearts thrown in there and some Starbucks coffee… hoping he doesn’t see this blog post!)

3.  Catnip Heart Pillows
(Would love to make these fun toys for my kitties, Jack + Raul.)

4. Rose Barrett, by The Purl Bee
(We should try to make these sometime, sister!)

5. The Berenstain Bears book collection
(I have read a few of my old books to Kingston, love them!)

*Disclaimer: The hubs LOVES bacon, hence the reason why I would buy him a silly bacon travel mug for Valentine’s day.


One thought on “My Loves.

  1. I loved the Bernstein Bears when I was growing up. My mom still has my whole collection for my kids to read someday. 🙂

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