Binder of Shame.

Ever have a celebrity crush?

I hate to admit it, but I was one of those girls from about 6th grade (Devin Sawa, JTT) through college (Jake Gyllenhaal).  When I first started these crushes I subscribed to BOP magazine.  This magazine amazed me – full of stories from the popular teenage heart-throbs, color posters and pictures, and even included addresses where you could write them fan letters.  My subscription even won me an “autographed” picture of Jonathan Jackson back in 7th grade.  When I started high school, the subscription ended.

Fast-forward to today.  The hubs comes into our home from the garage this morning, laughing so hard he can hardly breathe… holding something and asking me who “Jennifer Jackson” is.  I look at him like he is completely, 100% crazy, as I have no idea what he is talking about… and then I see it.

My BOP poster-celebrity obsessed-teenage crush binder.

Although my subscription ended back in 1997, the horror that was my obsession lives on in one binder.  When we moved into our home a few years ago, my mom made sure I grabbed several boxes that contained prized possessions from my youth.  I went through those boxes a few months ago when preparing our spare bedroom for Kingston’s nursery, and found this binder.  It contained my favorite posters from when I was a BOPper, scribbles of “I heart (insert some teen celebrity at the time’s name here)” and “Jennifer (insert some teen celebrity at the time’s last name here)” – very embarrassing stuff that I did when I had my celebrity crushes.  After I quickly flipped through the plastic binder sleeves containing the posters and realizing what I had found, I was sure to add it to the trash pile and move it to the garage.  Unfortunately, the binder never made it in the trash can that day – as with any closet organization that goes on at our home, our garbage can was overflowing with the random junk that I had found.  So, I placed the binder by our garbage can on the floor in the garage (next to our broken microwave and a few odds and ends that I wanted to get rid of).

Unfortunately for me, the hubs had to find that binder today as a result of me forgetting to throw it away.  I wanted to hide it deep down in our garbage can where he would never see it.  Now, he knows my past… my very embarrassing past… a secret I never really wanted him to know… and I’m sure he is telling his 6th graders all about it today at school.

Oh well… I’m sure I’m not the only one who did this, right??


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